TAPPI’s 4th annual Tissue360° Forum brings together mill leaders and solution providers to share practical technical advances and solutions for better tissue making and converting. All will be presented in a peer-reviewed, non-commercial format.
  1. TF1 Keynote Session
    Junior Ballroom B

    Session Chair: Ken Patrick, TAPPI

    "Tissue Market Overview"
    Rod Fisher, Fisher International
    "Wheat Straw Pulp for Tissue"
    Cristine Schulz, Kimberly-Clark
  2. Break

  3. TF2 Alternative Fibers
    Junior Ballroom B

    Session Chair: Bruce Janda, InnovaSpec

    "BTCMP Use in Tissue"
    Zhirun Yuan, FPInnovations
    "A Review of Non-Wood Fibres and Their Applications in Tissue"
    Xuejun Zou, FPInnovations & Hongbin Liu, Tianjin University of Science & Technology
    "New Kneader-Based Non-wood Pulping System for Tissue Fiber Production"
    Hiroki Nanko, Insight Technology International LLC
  4. TF3 Understanding and Measuring Tissue Softness - Panel Discussion
    Junior Ballroom B

    Session Chair: Dave Loebker, Procter & Gamble

    "Understanding and Measuring Tissue Softness"
    Jessica Carette, FPInnovations
    "TSA (Tissue Softness Analyzer) - Objective Measurement of Tissue Softness"
    Alexander Gruner, Emtec Electronic GmbH
    "The Complexity of Understanding and Measuring Tissue Softness"
    Ward Ostendorf, Jeff Sheehan, Monica Ho-Kleinwaechter & Dave Loebker, Procter & Gamble
    "Measuring Paper Softness-Leveraging Sensory Hand Feel Panels in R&D and Manufacturing"
    Nicolette Vanderklaauw, Andrea Cummings, Shuo Wang, and Michelle Lyons, Procter & Gamble
  5. Break

  6. TF4 Process Control for Tissue
    Junior Ballroom B

    Session Chair: Tim Betteridge, Valmet

    "Advanced Vibration Tool for Crepe Blade Monitoring"
    Timothy Patterson & Donald Schultz, Solenis LLC
    "New On-Machine Instrumentation Provides Novel Process Control and Cost Saving Benefits"
    Luca Canali, Cristini NA
    "Predictive Analytics, Dynamic Suction Roll/Yankee Nip Monitoring and Innovative Cover Venting Deliver Significant Energy Savings and Improved Efficiency on Modern Tissue Machines"
    Mike Ciccone, Xerium Technologies Inc.
  7. Lunch New Technology Showcase II - Papermakers Topics
    Exhibit Hall

    Session Chair: Marc Foulger, GL&V Pulp & Paper Group

  8. TF5 Structured Sheet Innovations
    Junior Ballroom B

    Session Chair: Bill Oliver, Clearwater

    "Evaluation of the Compressibility of Kitchen Towels"
    Hannes Vomhoff, Farnaz Farahani, & Mikael Bouveng, Innventia AB
    "Measuring the Compressive Response of Embossed and TAD Features in Paper Towels"
    D. Steven Keller, Miami University
    "TAD Structured Sheet for Ultra-Premium Quality"
    Soren Eriksson, Valmet, Inc.
  9. Break

  10. TF6 Operating Efficiency/Energy Savings
    Junior Ballroom B

    Session Chair: Alfredo Sarli, Voith

    "Results from Paper Machine Energy Audits in Wisconsin Tissue Mills"
    Dick Reese, Wisconsin Focus on Energy
    "Transfer Efficiency Study of Spray Systems in High Web Speed Additives"
    Benjamin Drummond, Kathleen J. Brown, and Rudi J. Schick, Spraying Systems Co.
    "How to Minimize Energy and Increase Cleanliness in Tissue Plants: Part 2-Energy versus Cleanliness-Experiences and results"
    Marco Pescantin, QUATTRO Paper Technologies, Inc.
  11. TF7 Tissue Process Optimization
    Junior Ballroom B

    Session Chair: Steve Pearson, Wausau

    "The Complete Tissue Production Improvement System"
    Pete Angle, ISRA VISION
    "Paradigm Shift: Improved Dry Strength in Bath Tissue Without Affecting Softness"
    Joseph Mahoney & J. Todd Sarraf, Solenis LLC
    "Creping Operating Window-Adhesive and Modifier Contributions"
    Timothy Patterson, Solenis LLC
    "Advanced Fiber Management for Improved Tissue Machine Productivity and Quality"
    Jeff Peters, BTG Americas
  12. Break

  13. TF8 Yankee Metallization Panel Discussion
    Junior Ballroom B

    Session Chair: John Holton, Jaeger

  14. Lunch

  15. TF9 Practical Solutions for Tissue
    Junior Ballroom B

    Session Chair: Jim Pigott, Jim Pigott & Associates

    "New Regulatory Standards and Practical Solutions for Combustible Dust Control: A Comprehensive Review"
    W. Brad Carr, SonicAire
    "Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Energy Consumption"
    Andrew Smiltneek, Somarakis, Inc
    "The Inherent Non-Homogeneous Nature of Cast Iron and its Effect on Creping"
    John Holton, Jaeger, Inc.
  16. Break

  17. TF10 Steel Yankee Panel Discussion
    Junior Ballroom B

    Session Chair: Frederic Pinard, Cascades

    Marco Brujas, Product Manager - Yankee Dryers, Voith
    Michael Janosch, Andritz
    Ron Clarke, Toscotec
    Clive Butler, Acelli
    Magnus Hogman, Product Manager - Yankee Dryers, Valmet
  18. TF11 Forum Wrap-up and Refereshments
    Junior Ballroom B

    Session Chair: Bruce Janda, InnovaSpec and Ayse Alemdar-Thomson, FPInnovations

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